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Vendor Booking Information

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Online Table Booking Application Below!

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ALL Vendors/Exhibitors MUST adhere to Patriot Productions Vendor Rules & Regulations. Attending an event means you understand and agree. Click Here to view the rules & regulations. 

Each 8 foot x 2.5 table is OR equivalent open space is $80 for the entire weekend.

Note Political Exhibitors: Your fee structure is $200.00 for an 8 foot x 2.5 foot table OR for 10x10 space outside the entry and exit to the show where this is allowed. 

Please note: 

  • If you cancel a show within 10 days prior to set up day (Friday) you will be required to pay a 100% up front, non-refundable prior to attending any future events.

  • If you are a no call, no show we terminate doing business with you for life


     If we have not done business with you in the past OR other reasons dictate, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be required at a specific time (You will be notified when) and your balance must be paid in full on set up day of that particular show. Failure to attend the show will result in no deposit refunds whatsoever. See our vendor rules and regulations for more info on deposits.

Vendor Placement On The Floor Plan

While we will do our best to provide you the placement you would like in the show we cannot promise that will happen for various floor plan layout reasons. Show management reserves the right to change your placement, alter your placement at any time before you arrive to set up.

Set Up Times

Unless otherwise noted vendor set up times at all venues are 1pm to 7pm Friday before the show and 7am to 8:30am on Saturday of the show. Empty tables at 8:30am are at risk of being sold without refunds.

The Preferred Method for Booking a Show is Online Via the Booking Form Below.

But you can also: 

Call or email for your show reservations: 866-611-0442 OR 


Mail deposit checks to:

Patriot Productions 

P.O. Box 691205 Vero Beach, FL 32969

Gun Show Booking Form!

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