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Patriot Productions Signature Express 90 Minute Concealed Weapon License Classes at the Gun Show!

Take Our Signature EXPRESS 90 Minute Concealed Weapon License Class! ​

We Are The Fastest, Most Entertaining and Non-Stress Option To Get Your License.

We are an all inclusive one stop shop to get your license. You will leave with a 100% completed packet ready to mail to the state of Florida with no other stops or tasks to do after the class. You Simply Can Not Get This at a Local Gun Shop or Class!

Brought to you by Patriot Productions and Defensive Training Tactics, LLC (DTT) NRA certified instructors

​Class Times At Our Shows Are:

Saturday 11:00 AM, 1:30 PM Both Days

Please arrive approximately 30 minutes before the class you want to attend, no reservations, first come, first serve.

Professionally instructed By:

 Defensive Training Tactics, LLC

Florida Gun Shows

Class Fee Grand Total: $155.00 payable via cash or any major credit card, checks are not accepted.

State Fee: $55.00 (NOT Paid at the show, no need to bring to the show)

NOTICE: You will need $30.00 in cash (ATM machine at show if you need it). 

The remaining $125.00 can be paid with credit card or cash.

Your Class Fee is All Inclusive and Includes The Following:

  1. Lecture

  2. ​Fire a hand gun (Gun and ammunition is included)

  3. ​Gun Range Time

  4. ​Electronic Finger Prints by a certified state law enforcement officer

  5. ​Application completely filled out

  6. ​Application notarized

  7. ​Photo for application taken

  8. ​Criminal background check

  9. ​Q&A time with instructor before, during and after the class

  10. ​Envelope with all completed mandatory state of Florida paper work to be mailed

What You Need to Bring:

  1. Non expired photo ID such as a driver license from ANY state, passport, military ID. (You do not have to be a Florida resident to get your permit!)

  2. ​Any major credit card or cash available to pay $125.00. The $55.00 state fee will be paid with your application to the state (Not us) and instructions will be given to you. Remember, you will need $30 in cash, the remaining $125.00 can be credit card or cash, no checks please. Grand total at the show is $155.00.

  3. ​Do NOT bring your own firearm for the purpose of using it in the class. A .22 or .38 caliber hand gun and ammunition will be provided.

On July 1st 2023 Florida becomes a Constitutional Carry State, which means that you may carry a Concealed Firearm without a license.


Before you consider doing so ask yourself the following questions:-


  • Do you fully understand Florida Statues – where it is illegal to carry etc.?  If you don’t, consider taking the class to improve your knowledge and prevent yourself from becoming a legal statistic and incurring considerable attorney fees. Consider taking the class even if you don’t want a license; at least you will know how the law can affect you.

  • If you are going to travel to another state and want to carry a firearm, you will need a Florida Issued Concealed Weapon License – reciprocity does not cover concealed carry without a state issued license and Florida is currently recognized in 30+ (37 subject to change) other states – no license, no reciprocity – not legal to carry.


  • Finally, the big one – it is a Federal Crime and a 3rd Degree Felony to have a loaded firearm within 1000 feet of any private or public school and can result in loss of any 2nd amendment rights, never own a gun again and loss of your voting rights. The only exemption to the law is a State issued Carry license. These are just some of the important reasons you should take the course and get a Florida Concealed Carry License. 

All questions about the class not already answered on this page:


772-538-4568 (Call or text) OR email:

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